May 31, 2008

The Watson Twins

I don't know much about The Watson Twins and I am not going to pretend to look it up on Wikipedia and quote some obscure factoids. I do now they were obviously apart of the obviously named "Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins" lineup. I have that album, and I like it. I have them doing a tune called "Fernando" live from Conan show that I particularly enjoy.

I am here about the twins though. They have an album coming out at the end of June that is really good. They do a cover of The Cure's "Just Like Heaven" that is unbelieveable. I am/was never a fan of The Cure. Lots of you probably are and I think you will enjoy this version tremendously.

The album as a whole is great as well. It's something good to relax to, draw to, read to...if anything, you will like The Cure cover.

-- dan

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