May 21, 2008

Radical Rick

I stumbled upon a cool site called I was telling someone about this Redline 500B i had in 1984 and how I rode it throughout my elementary, teen, college, and part of my post-college years. How I loved that bike! I think it was 2002 when I finally let go of it, leaving it out with the trash in South Philly and watching a crackhead get siked on it as he rode away into a dark alley. So I googled 'Redline 500b" and out spewed this website from the fog of search results.
Above and Below: Some tricked out Redlines.
Haro Banana Bike
Haro FST
Anyone Remember CW?
Aside from the Redline RL-20 I think this was my dreambike back then, the Hutch Pro Racer(I really jocked the Trickstar back then too.:

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