May 16, 2008

The Pacquiao Report: David Diaz Blog

Manny Pacquiao is continuing to set records and has now won the World Title Belt in 3 different weightclasses. And after his most recent sweep of the superfeatherweight division, he's moving up yet another weight class to take on the next group of champs in the Lightweight division. His upcoming fight is against David Diaz of Chicago, and its going to be a good brawl since both boxers are very forward, aggressive, southpaws. The Current WBC lightweight champion Diaz (34-1-1) is the naturally bigger fighter and has only lost once earlier in his career. Over the last few weeks Diaz has been writing a regular diary for The Chicago Sun-Times as he prepares to defend his title against Manny Pacquiao on June 28 in Las Vegas. You can read his experiences here:
David Diaz Diary

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