February 20, 2009

Benny Hill Revisited

Also listening to alot of Itunes radio. In particular, Philly ex-writer and now prominent DJ in the dancehall genre Kenny Meez. He has a weekly show called the "Federation Invasion" with Max Glazer, Scion Radio, under Reggae/Dancehall section of Itunes live steams. The show kicks ass! Last week they had Sean Paul in the studio and this week they have Dr. Evil aka Leftside. Leftside has been making noise lately with his comedic style, and he talks about how he ripped the Benny Hill theme song straight from YouTube, added his drum machine to it, and boom--a huge hit overseas as well as in his homeland Jamaica. There's several versions of his Benny Hill Riddim track, the embedded clip highlights 4 or 5 of them mixed together. You'll find it either HOT or extremeley annoying. -Jaguarshark

February 19, 2009

Been on a 60's ska kick the last few months.
Cecil Bustamente Campbell, O.D. (born May 28, 1938), better known as Prince Buster and less known by his muslim name Muhammed Yusef Ali, is a musician from Kingston, Jamaica and regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of ska and rocksteady music. The records he made on the Blue Beat label in the 1960s inspired many reggae and ska artists.


February 16, 2009

February 12, 2009


More Neglected Than The Love Below
Won't Go Into Detail If It's Better
Cee-Lo (Verse 3): Kills It
Spits a similar verse as Gnarls Barkley *Oh Well
Speaking of Rap, Check This Out
Dude Kills It. Would Like To Know What's Up.
Figured I'd Share That



*From the ISO50 blog via Today and Tomorrow

Once in awhile it is amazing to consider the things
that you were privileged to take in;
now only if you could show the world.


February 10, 2009

Powers of Nine Ether

Live and direct from the archives...

This song holds probably my favorite production from the Fondle 'Em singles. A great soundtrack to some late-night chilling, whether alone or with a couple of homies. For some reason, I cannot detach this song from experiences of riding the commuter rails, especially NJ Transit and SEPTA. A perfect match in my opinion.


PS: I guess I'll post more music-related posts.


A nice little song and video to loosen up the occasional stale winter day.


PS: MIA you are wild.