March 31, 2007

Prepping Panels for Fennario Show

Thanks to Rob and Dina for letting me bring my tools over to cut some wood in preparation for the upcoming group show May 4th at Fennario's, 111 North Church Street, West Chester, PA 19380. Curated by Drew Leshko. More info and a nice flyer coming soon. The dogs at Dina's were very friendly, and as you can see with the grill in the pic we cooked a huge feast.

Camp Judo?

Here is the wall we worked on, and a possible summer workplace to work on projects. Its a stable in Kenso that is being converted into an apartment/studio spot...Its like halfway finished but won't be worked on again until about August. Took a look at the space-it's pretty awesome and huuuge!), so I offered to rent the place(as is)for the summer from Dina and she was very much into it.

March 28, 2007

Watch ULSR take over the BARBARY this Sat. March 31st.

Jay says: "Another riotous extravaganza!!! the Portals are friends of Paula's from oregon, and Infernal Stronghold are a bunch of 18 year olds who shred up some serious black metal and i'm not talkn that rehash shit you hear eveywhere since lords of chaos was published. rip your fucking face off brutality!!!! HAILS!!!!! " Get wild at the Barbary this Saturday.

PARSKID in Philly

This dude let me stay at his crib for a few days when my original host in Seattle was in jail. And now 4 years later, he has an opening here in Philly.....this is great news! Nice to see a standup guy blow up like he has. Reception is on March 31st. Peep the Parskid site for more details here or the ArtStar page.

March 22, 2007

POPROCKS!!! 80's and 90's Dance Night 3.24.07

Jay Diaz, Steven Parker and Jaguarman AKA Jugwiremon will be starting off the event from 9pm to Midnight. Johnny Ruin and Special Guest DJ Panic will be on from 12-2. You can't go wrong with great tunes and free PBR's from 10-11. I've never heard of Vitamin water Vodkas, but people are starting to tell me its all the rage these days. See you there!