July 31, 2007

The Herzog Report

Its been a minute and some change since I hit up the movie theaters. Im sure other contributors to this lovely arts blog have seen many a movie, but oh how they sleep this glorious interweb tool of informational blabber. Long ago were the days where I'd cut out of my office job, turn my beeper on(yes, a pager), and sneak on down to the Ritz to catch a flick after reading reviews of it in the PW or CP or hearing about it by word of mouth. Cable seemed like a sin throughout my 20's, it was all about being out 24-7, reading, and experiencing shit, physically, first hand. The more time spent away from your crib the better, the more effort required to enjoy things the cooler, fuckit being derel but conscious was the epitomy of young adulthood. But nowadays my introduction to the 30s thus far has been synonymous with being a tad more mellowed out and more of a home-body. Granted you make up for it by making your weekdays more responsible and your weekends more epic. You also suffice by slowly displacing neandrathal-like activities(i.e. ruthless vandalism) with more civilized ones(i.e. careful vandalism). Although theory would suggest different yolks for different folks: maybe I was supposed to realize these things as a teen going into my 20s. Wait--that is ridiculous! I wouldn't trade the beast-mode days for anything. But anyways fuck all that noise-I'm getting off track, this is supposed to be a sort of movie review, and I was meaning to say that I just don't go out as much anymore. Going out to the movies has fallen under that category. It wasn't supposed to, but with the advent of such luxuries like HBO and Direct TV and Netflix, it was only a matter of time. I believe these subtle luxuries to be frowned-upon in your quarter-life but warmly accepted in your mid-life; viewed upon as a reward for the rough trek up the lower parts of Jacob's ladder throughout your younger years. But even with these self-imported amenities, I still want to visit the theaters more. Last week, when me and my girl watched Rescue Dawn, I came to this realization.
Its been more than 2 months since our friend and Hi-5 partner J.Diaz ran into the great Herzog. Many magical things have happened since then, such as our good nights at ERA, or not being arrested, or Steven Parker not bullying people at the Khyber.....perhaps we can owe it all to Jay's encounter with our hero, who may have magically blessed us with his stiff genius(no homo)... So if you haven't seen the latest reel from the handiwork of Werner I strongly suggest you do so. We can then contemplate over whether or not this is his finest work(I would say it isn't, but definately up there) or we can contemplate if I should or shouldn't be whyling out more on weekdays. *posted by Jugwiremon

The Anti-iPhone

A few people dissed my old phone, calling it busted, but that very phone has gone through hell the last 4 years that I've had it...and its still ticking. Even dubbs as a great bottle opener, and I dare an iphone user to try this function. One thing's for certain, this phone has always been there for me in times thick or thin. And yeah after enough people patronized it I figured I'd feed the fire and make it even more ugly...a characteristic unlike that which many other neo-technic eye-flashy phones possess. Is it out of spite? Maybe, I'd say 40% of the reason. But I almost wanted to scrap the whole idea of cell phones more than enough times to consider this defacement as a minimalist approach to having to own one. Or two. My other car is a BB Pearl, courtesy of work, but there's still room for contradiction.... *posted by Jugwiremon

July 24, 2007

Saturday at ERA

The bi-weekly DJ night at ERA continues this Saturday the 28th. There has been a great response thanks to everyone who has been coming out to hear great music in a different part of town. The Art Museum/Fairmount area offers a great place to enjoy a fun night, with great venues such as The Northstar Bar, Brigid's, and Bishop's Collar all in a stone's throw from each other. Come join the friendly and welcoming folks at ERA along with DJ's Steven Parker and J.Diaz bringing you revived soul, throwback punk, fresh new Indie & electro as well as the classics, and a clash of hiphop/rap. And don't forget that there's excellent Ethiopian dishes offered as well. 28th and Poplar. Free!

July 20, 2007

The Don't Spread Germs mix(below) was actually made for my homie Matt Stackswell who is in Korea. He's been lacing me with alot of fresh mixes lately so it was about time I hit him back. He sent this one out to me today, after revising it a little bit last night. Hope you enjoy this one as well.
A young Matt Stackswell reps his kareem's, shorty's T, and sheep logo on the door while enjoying a square. *posted by Jaguarman

While we're out on the Delaware River canoeing, camping, and getting faded all weekend long, we leave behind a quick mix for the hell of it. More of these to come. This one's sort of the tester. This is the first Hi-5/Judo Air Mini Mix. Enjoy! Click Here: Don't Spread Germs.m4a

July 19, 2007

More Drama than.....Kevin Cost'na

...No I'm not Jamaican, but yes Imma rasta....this and any team up that Premeir was up to. DWYCK is still may fave Primo reminiscing team up, but this one's gotta be a close second. D & D All Stars, slight remix on the beat for this. For all the fans of 90's hiphop! I gotta say I think Jeru's verse definately took it on this one, but everyone pretty much kilt it.
*posted by Jaguarman*

July 18, 2007

Anatomy of a Quick Piece

It is 2004. The 'ville still a chill Sunday spot. I would get bagged here a year later but lets not get into that. Today I am
scoping out a wall to do an R.I.P. piece for a friend and fellow ex-writer who has recently passed.

I Find a good spot where there is a straight-letter dissed by a scratch fill. Perfect. I start the prelim using same color as a
planned fill-in, but any color would do fine. Same color prelim/fill gives me a head start.

Next I fill in, doing a solid scheme with no details, bits, or designs, just 2-colors. I plan on the fill being quick, today I am
going a bit more tech with the outline tecniques and don't want to overkill with too much going on in the fill. The outline will be cut and cleaned so I don't have to worry about mistakes just yet.

Here I start the cleanup process to make the outline sharper. Probably the most important and most misunderstood part that will have a dramatic effect on the piece. The secret is to use the same color as the fill to erase the outline color(in this case black) in order to remove any overspray and to "cut corners" in order to build the right angles(hence the term "cuts" or "cutbacks").

Now I complete the 3D and add an "inline" to it. "Inlines" were the hot thing in the late 90's and really referred to an inner-outline on the fill side of a piece, but got outdated over the years. More recently it has been popular doing it in the 3d, but is consequently proven to be shortlived. I'd say by the end of '04 these 3d inlines had already become played out in much of the U.S. This piece is painted in the late summer so I was cutting it close! lol. The inlines here are Montana Bright Blue. Difficult to see as it hides in the black, but this is done to add effect to the 3D while still keeping it more subtle.

Finally, highlights(white), Forcefield(lavendar), bubbles, and shoutouts are added to complete the piece. Note the highlights aren't touching the outline in all places, they are 'offset' to add a more balloon-like texture to each letter. Very common in the 80's to do this, and seems like everyone's doing it again. The piece probably takes about 45 minutes, which is rather quick, but keep in mind the piece is by no means large, nor was there a background rolled behind it, or any of that stuff. It was more of a 'kill an hour on a sunday' sort of thing.

Comments: The finished product is a quick slam, a non-traditional, more poppy, trendier, fun piece that was simple to do but relied mostly on its contemporary style. It takes me longer to do traditional letters, as they are harder to construct and usually have to look 'perfect', to the eye of a critic who studies letterform from the 80's and 90's. A more non-traditional piece allows a bit more play and freedom, but IMO tells the audience that you may be disregarding craft/structure in favor of flashiness. But is it really all about the audience? Not really. My approach to this dilemmna is to add a little bit of both to your arsenal It will make you more diverse, well-rounded, and less of a one-trick pony. The downside is that you will find yourself constantly trying to perfect or master a particular style, without ever getting there. What is key is that your overall look compliments its own school of thought, and adds something to your resume while learning something in the process, motivating others on the outset. That's my regurgitated take on it. Well, anyway, hope you found this interesting regardless if you write or not! Rest in Piece Hans, Amy, and Eric. Like this piece says(although I left that part out), You'll be Missed!!
*Submitted by R.S. a long time ago*

July 15, 2007

Thank You!

A huge THANK YOU! To everyone wo came out to the closing reception for the Breath of Fresh Air show. The exhibit was a great success and we owe it all to the the Gallery Director Ben Gall, the welcoming staff of The Arts Scene, Curator Drew Leshko, and most of all everyone who came out to enjoy the show throughout June and July and express their interest and support. We really truly appreciated this opportunity to have us share our work. Thanks and more thanks! *posted by Jugwiremon, Photo courtesy Ben Gall and John Slaby

July 9, 2007

Saturday 7/14

DJ Randy AKA Randy Skillz PMF will once again be joining the High 5/Judo Air DJs this Saturday at ERA. The first teamup was hours of fun and great music at OTC in Wilkes-Barre. Our special guest and long time friend is one of the hardest working, and dedicated DJ revitalists of the NEPA/Pocono Scene, rocking at various venues consistently many times a week, and making noise out in Pittsburgh with Dominant Force. He has ignited memorable nights of hip-hop, dubstep, reggae/dub, pop, new wave, dance, and anything that gets the blood flowing. ERA has been the new low-key, neighborhood destination for many of us seeking a change of pace and avoiding the redundant hype of flashier bars. The mood may be laid back and chill or it may be one of those wild nights......whatever the scenario, it's always a great and welcoming atmosphere at ERA. There's also delicious Ethiopian dishes available, wine, and beer specials($3 Lionshead with a shot of Heaven's Hill). Come on out and enjoy the night with us!

July 5, 2007

*see below for details

July 3, 2007

B.O.F.A. Closing Reception This Friday

Come celebrate the end of a great June show at the Art Scene. We will be having a BBQ enjoying the art and listening to good music(possibly provided by DJ Steven Parker & Co.). More details to come.

*UPDATE* From Slaby:
We're hosting a closing party for our art show on saturday, July 7th. It's a BYOB event and there will be food and cooking and happiness. This is your last chance to catch the show before it comes down if you couldnt make it on June 1st for the opening. If you're coming and wanted to prepare some food or wanted us to cook something in particular, feel free to bring it with you. We will be supplying food, but the more the merrier!

This is a FREE event, but as always the Arts Scene and Cafe Menta will have other beverages and things available for purchase.
Event starts at 6:30PM on Saturday July 7th
The event will be at The Arts Scene 530 E. Union St. West Chester, PA 19382
contact: Slaby (570-762-8844)
or Keith (215-530-6703)
or The Gallery: 610-644-6555
hope to see you all there!

The High 5 dudes/Judo Airlines team may be spinning some records with friends as well. If this happens, it is not something you want to miss!

for more info on the show/event go to www.theartsscene.org