February 27, 2010

Tappin' that Thing/Expressman Blues

I once camped out on a beach in the freezing cold amidst an insane rainstorm. I had to set up my tent in pitch black with no flashlight..... I was ill prepared to say the least. The focus of this trip was a weekend-long Mandolin workshop in Cape Cod. I opted to camp for 15 dollars/night rather than spend the 90 dollars for the on-site cabins. The special guest at the workshop was the great Rich Delgrosso and the whole experience got me familiar with Blues music, and more specifically, mandolin blues. Two years later and accompanied by the unfortunate passing of the legendary Jack Rose, I started exploring more old-timey music and pre-war genres after attending the Jack Rose Tribute show in Philadelphia (which, amazingly featured artists such as Thurston Moore, Paul Flaherty, and Chris Corsano). It also helps that a co-worker who devotes much of his livelihood to American folk genres sported me a hard drives-full amount of his collection. Thanks! Above is some more recent blues mandolin that I stumbled upon after looking into the likes of Yank Rachell and Sleepy John Estes. All while going nuts over the new Freeway and Jake one Stimulus Package, of course. -Jagwire

Good times skating, right??

February 16, 2010

I have blue carpet in my house.

This time with a few answers...
What is Cabin Fever?
Is it bad to do situps after eating a meal?
What is the blue carpet skate spot?

One and Two


February 14, 2010

"Never Had A Bad Day In My Life"


February 12, 2010

Beautiful. Only in 2010.

From Keo TC5's Blog.

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February 8, 2010

Feeling the urge to take that much needed vacation?

Book a flight with Judo Airlines.

Operators are standing by.


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February 7, 2010

For more episodes of Leroy and Tim "Con", check out Conoperative.


This dude was always a beast on the skateboard. Kris Markovich!

-Snow Shoveler

February 5, 2010


One time in middle school, I wrote POWELL Skateboards a letter in search of this legendary video called "The Search For Animal Chin". I'm sure it was a letter filled with some innocent skaterat words that any other company would have laughed at or completely disregarded. But POWELL responded back. Not only that, but they sent me a free copy of the video (which wasn't even available in stores at the time) and a giant sticker. I was stoked, and I still have love for them today because of this. Thanks guys.

-Carryout Rat Bones

February 4, 2010


Was Jay Electronica doing residuals before he was slaying mics?

-Carryoutez Hilton

February 1, 2010


Did dude just snitch on Gilbert Arenas?
Why do I wake up at 2 AM when u go to bed at 9 PM?
Imagine how hip-hop went from backspins in a park to that crazy ass Jay-Z video with a bunch of people wearing pseudo-tribal gear in a scene straight out of Indiana Jones?
Is there age restrictions in eating KIX cereal?