September 19, 2008

I Work With Caren is a pretty funny blog. Oh Caren.


September 17, 2008

R. Crumb

"In 1967, a young Philadelphia cartoonist named Robert Crumb arrived in San Francisco and quickly established himself as a master of the burgeoning "Comix" movement. No one had ever seen anything like Crumb's skewed adult satire, a brilliant combination of classical storytelling and crass commercialism, expressed in a vibrant symbolic language harking back to "old time" cartooning. First featured in Philadelphia's Yarrowstalks and in his own Zap Comix, Crumb's tales of funny animals and misguided souls seeking enlightenment (including Fritz the Cat, Mr. Natural, Devil Girl, and his most enduring character, R. Crumb) vibrate with libidinal obsessions, feminist empowerment, racial tension, counterculture paranoia, government repression, and big-business commodification—the hustles and bustles hidden beneath the American dream." R. Crumb exhibit now open at the ICA Philadelphia. -JW

Sent by Nick Orso: "Please see the attached flyer and media alert for a party we are having this Saturday from 1 to 5pm at Pop's Playground in the New Kensington section of Philadelphia (at E. Huntingdon St. and Trenton Ave.). There will be professional skateboarders there, ramps for them to ride, music, food, and Boost is giving me one of those huge, oversized checks. Come out and have some fun if you can.
You can find pictures of the proposed mixed-use park and more information on public space and skateboarding on my blog (click the New Kensington tab at the top)." Looks fun. -JW

Trying to get here one of these days to climb into it. -Jahgwyre

September 13, 2008

It wasn't so much that that this guy is so woodsy looking that makes the scene funny, it's that his partner who was taking the photo was wearing some canvas Sahara outback hat that kept getting in the way of the camera lens and he had to take the photo multiple times. The fellow with the aves shirt in the pic was yelling at his friend to lift his hat up too so the flash could go off properly.

And Sasha Grey is a big fan of Joy Division too fyi.


September 2, 2008