September 17, 2007

Pittsburgh Exhibit

Upcoming group show in the Steel City, at the Modern Formations Gallery. Happening for First Friday(the 5th) and running for the month of October. More details to follow. *posted by Jaguarman

September 10, 2007

OMSD update!

Thanks everyone who came and supported Grandskater Day (also known as the 1st annual Old Man Skate Day).....This was a great idea spawned from the O.G. playmaker, Christopher Pawloski. It was a beautiful day, we had a great time sessioning just a curb, a kicker ramp, and a few other obstacles, pretty much as minimal and old school as it was back in the day. Highlights included Vick Deluca's Hoho-Plants, Chico's method airs, Shawn Ryan's old school scamp, Nash's folder of photos and memorabilia, wallrides over cardboard cutouts of Brian Nimmer(who couldn't make it because he was in Colorado), and some nasty spills from one Ryan Paddick (honorable mention to Todd Collura who had a bad fall saved on his cell phone cam haha). We ended the skate session the traditional way, getting shooed off by the foul five-oh. At night we rejoined at OTC where there was a hefty crowd at the sideroom watching Hocus Pocus, Animal Chin, and other old videos, with Bad Brains, McRad, and Minor Threat bumping in the background courtesy of DJ Randy and Chris P. All the guys and gals chatted about the fun during the day and reminisced about the past, and talked about future GrandSkater Days....perhaps a yearly event? Everyone would hope so! This was perfect. Special thanks to Chris, Bob for the kicker ramp, DJ Randy, OTC, Stas and everyone who participated and showed love for the family! -Keith