July 31, 2007

The Anti-iPhone

A few people dissed my old phone, calling it busted, but that very phone has gone through hell the last 4 years that I've had it...and its still ticking. Even dubbs as a great bottle opener, and I dare an iphone user to try this function. One thing's for certain, this phone has always been there for me in times thick or thin. And yeah after enough people patronized it I figured I'd feed the fire and make it even more ugly...a characteristic unlike that which many other neo-technic eye-flashy phones possess. Is it out of spite? Maybe, I'd say 40% of the reason. But I almost wanted to scrap the whole idea of cell phones more than enough times to consider this defacement as a minimalist approach to having to own one. Or two. My other car is a BB Pearl, courtesy of work, but there's still room for contradiction.... *posted by Jugwiremon

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Phil said...

Man you're a smooth writer... literally.