July 31, 2007

The Herzog Report

Its been a minute and some change since I hit up the movie theaters. Im sure other contributors to this lovely arts blog have seen many a movie, but oh how they sleep this glorious interweb tool of informational blabber. Long ago were the days where I'd cut out of my office job, turn my beeper on(yes, a pager), and sneak on down to the Ritz to catch a flick after reading reviews of it in the PW or CP or hearing about it by word of mouth. Cable seemed like a sin throughout my 20's, it was all about being out 24-7, reading, and experiencing shit, physically, first hand. The more time spent away from your crib the better, the more effort required to enjoy things the cooler, fuckit being derel but conscious was the epitomy of young adulthood. But nowadays my introduction to the 30s thus far has been synonymous with being a tad more mellowed out and more of a home-body. Granted you make up for it by making your weekdays more responsible and your weekends more epic. You also suffice by slowly displacing neandrathal-like activities(i.e. ruthless vandalism) with more civilized ones(i.e. careful vandalism). Although theory would suggest different yolks for different folks: maybe I was supposed to realize these things as a teen going into my 20s. Wait--that is ridiculous! I wouldn't trade the beast-mode days for anything. But anyways fuck all that noise-I'm getting off track, this is supposed to be a sort of movie review, and I was meaning to say that I just don't go out as much anymore. Going out to the movies has fallen under that category. It wasn't supposed to, but with the advent of such luxuries like HBO and Direct TV and Netflix, it was only a matter of time. I believe these subtle luxuries to be frowned-upon in your quarter-life but warmly accepted in your mid-life; viewed upon as a reward for the rough trek up the lower parts of Jacob's ladder throughout your younger years. But even with these self-imported amenities, I still want to visit the theaters more. Last week, when me and my girl watched Rescue Dawn, I came to this realization.
Its been more than 2 months since our friend and Hi-5 partner J.Diaz ran into the great Herzog. Many magical things have happened since then, such as our good nights at ERA, or not being arrested, or Steven Parker not bullying people at the Khyber.....perhaps we can owe it all to Jay's encounter with our hero, who may have magically blessed us with his stiff genius(no homo)... So if you haven't seen the latest reel from the handiwork of Werner I strongly suggest you do so. We can then contemplate over whether or not this is his finest work(I would say it isn't, but definately up there) or we can contemplate if I should or shouldn't be whyling out more on weekdays. *posted by Jugwiremon


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