June 3, 2008


I just saw a film that is an Anthony Hopkins project called "Slipstream." I read a couple of reviews online by some critics who despised the film. I imagine these people also have a hearty dislike of David Lynch films and Oliver Stone films a la U-Turn and Natural Born Killers. (If you like those directors, I believe Slipstream may be a film you may enjoy viewing.)
Slipstream is a film in the class definition sense, except it contains super fast editing making it, in my opinion, a modern classic.
The film is a difficult one to get through but the film as a whole is a great piece of cinema.
Hopkins, who both wrote and directed the film, had initially received some funding from a studio. The studio wanted to put their own fingerprints on the film, Hopkins wholeheartedly disagreed, and funded the entire thing himself. I like that. It makes the film more genuine for me as I am one who has always respected Hopkins work. I am in particular a fan of "The Remains of the Day."

View the trailer here.

-- dan

p.s. There is a Henry Darger show at Andrew Edlin gallery in NYC, 529 W. 2oth St, until June 14. The gallery's site has more info on the show at www.edlingallery.com. I have never seen his work in person but am eagerly looking forward to it.

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