February 29, 2008


On a personal, more bloggy note: Been struck with the flu for a whole week and now I can't shake a cold...making it 2 weeks of being sick. I missed a few days of work and I'm sure my co-workers are sick of hearing me sneeze, cough, and blow my runny waterfall--I mean nose. Memo to self: if your work offers free flu shots maybe you should get one. So now I need to catch up on some shit. Hopefully this weekend I will:

Get some painting done.

Get more painting done.

Get some new panels cut in the studio.

Battle tendonitis and try to get an hour or two of skating in.

(Maybe here, at our private warehouse.)

Make a visit to Home Depot and A.C. Moore. I need markers to draw in blackbooks and more small shadowbox frames.

Eat a veggie hoagie from this place here in South Philly.

Watch the rubber match between Israel Vazquez vs. Raphael Marquez.

Go apartment hunting....

Drink some of these:

I would also like to squeeze in some late night spritz-art, but man its cold. Well, hope you have a productive weekend whatever your interests are...shopping, reading, dog-walking, racecar driving, partying.... If not, its nice to get some rest as well. Happy weekend and thanks, we're making it to 5,000 views! -Jaguarman

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parker said...

i was hoping to get a hoagie at that spot today. to bad they're closed till 3/17. i had to settle for a tight ass fade from the place next door.