February 4, 2008

Coming Soon!

Due to popular demand the hedgehog paintings will be available for purchase via PayPal. The shop was set up as a test on Friday and we already have our first buyer by way of Oakland, CA., and a number of requests to add more hogs. Hopefully these new hedgehogs will be added by Tuesday night and I will provide the link. (**Update** So I think I have tendonitis in my upper shoulder. Its slowing me down, so I don't think the hogs will be ready until next week.))

We also have a studio photo update coming up, and interviews with Megan Bryzinski and Drew Leshko on the way. Special thanks to John Slaby and Dan Zomack for their participation as last week's spotlights. We had good feedback and look forward to doing more stuff like this. And thanks to all of the readers on here, our view count has definiately gone up and it is very much appreciated! *posted by Jaguarman

1 comment:

Dan said...

Definitely purchase some hedgehogs from Keith. It's a wise purchase and an awesome gift to give a friend, lover or enemy.