February 27, 2008

More Throwbacks

One of my favorite graphics from Vision, other than the First Gonzales or the Agressor, has to be the second series Gator Spiral. My neighbor had the Flourescent Pink/Dark Green version and boy was I Jeal. These were the days when graphics turnaround on pro models lasted (on average) about a year, some even 2 years.

Hot album at the time...JB's Straight Out the Jungle

Also this. Couldn't find a link for 1987's Can't You Take a Joke? but the sophomore album will suffice.

The Caballero I owned was like this one(second from the left). Mine was Hot pink with a green dragon and was XT boneite.....the old Powell tarpaper version. This was much more rare and shortlived than the dragonhead Cabs that followed.

This guy has a great album of Vintage boards and graphics:
Old School Shit

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