March 3, 2008


Last week saw the World Taxidermy Championships take place in Salzburg, Austria -- the first time the event has ever been staged in Europe. It offered an unusual glimpse of a world as unsettling as it is fascinating -- one where the greatest joy comes from pulling the pelt off an alpine marmot or a white-tailed deer.

Spiegel Online

Related to the Taxidermy World Championship is "Hunting Trophies" a project by France Cadet that looks at our relationship with animals.
Hunting Trophies is a collection of 11 hunting trophies hung on the wall. They feature the most frequent species used in taxidermy for the realization of wall trophies, mainly deer and cat family. Instead of being real taxidermied animals they are chests of modified I-Cybie robots.

An infrared sensor allows the robots, each in its own way, to detect the presence but also the movements of visitors.

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