March 17, 2008

Weekend Wrap....

Friday: Black Lips show was sold out, I had no ticket but the doorguy let me slide. The opening band, Quintron & Lady Pussycat, had a most interesting stage set and a fun performance to go with it. The lead singer sat behind a organ that was modeled after a 1940's style car grill, situated next to a homeade drum machine and a high-hat cymbal. With call-and-response style vocals, I noted to my friend that they reminded me of the B-52's on peyote, but adding a certain brand of funk via their New Orleans heritage. Complete with backup female vocalists sporting lounge-ish bellhop costumes, and the show ending with a puppet show, this interactive married duet made their bizarre impression known to Philadelphia.

The show was at Johnny Brenda's in No.Libs and I was fortunate enough to get a taste of the new PBC Beer they supplied. It was good!

Black Lips put on a great, high energy show and we had a great time. Almost took me back to the days of the Columbia Hose shows in Plymouth, PA(not music-wise, but for the mere fact that at one point we had rallied troops to form a classic "wall of death").... Black Lips "Not a Problem" .mp3
On Saturday night a good handful of us enjoyed dinner at Manila Bay Restaurant and Bar. We watched the Pacquiao fight, with the Pacman winning a close 12-round battle over Juan Manuel Marquez in what many are saying is a candidate for fight of the year. If I were obsessed with Basketball or Soccer I'd make occasional posts about those topics, but since the sweet science is my addiction--a 'Pacmaniac' no less, this is the only sports coverage you'll get on here:)
Sunday we spent all day in the wonderful land of Stroudsburg, PA.
Monday its back to the grind.

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