January 19, 2009

What else was going on?

I was looking for old skate videos of Gabriel Rodriguez, and instead I found this video called "The Hood Mix" by Gabriel Rican Rodriguez, who probably just happens to share the same name. I was intrigued by the record art, the nostalgic user commentary, and the fact that this music used to have a following in Chicago. It turns out DJ Gabriel Rodriguez has been a mainstay in the Chicago music scene for the past 15 years. I'm just curious as to how this music effected Chicago-ans in their views, identities, or extracurricular abilities at the time, if it did at all...? I'm just curious to see how this music impacted people beyond the usual and expected. If you don't get what I'm saying, then try to picture:

0) a skateboarder skating to Herbie Hancock in a videopart...
1) a young teenager in the middle of Texas getting his/her hands on an Art of Noise tape
2) a group of kids in the South Bronx listening and trying to interpret Kraftwerk
* As many of you may know, the latter two are commonly understood true stories, but I really am interested in knowing about how one factor influenced the other in other situations, especially if it is something that isn't so obvious, stereotypical, or logical (i.e.- grunge/rain, rap/violence, etc.)

I really worry that I'm making no sense or coming off as pretentious, but I hope you will at least (re)consider the commonly held idea that there isn't a singular interpretation of the things out there.


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