January 1, 2009

The Beginning

While sometimes life feels like one long day, I still have to say it feels great to know 2009 is a fresh slate. Happy New Year from Judo Airlines.

This is a fresh video for a song called "Hands In The Dark" by a group called The Chromatics; they're on a label called "Italians Do It Better", that have some interesting groups.

SLAPCHOP. Infomercials sometimes can be kind of interesting. I was a big fan of the Magic Bullet, and the OG Food Dehydrator, although I never owned it. I like this particular informercial for its zest and charm.

Some next level skateboarding. It's like skateboarding meets hacky-sack.

In recent years, I have noticed that there is a large market for old skateboard gear. It probably rarely occurred to young kids to keep a skateboard in mint condition for art or nostalgia sake, especially since kids are either broke or would rather skate their skateboards. But with the new atmosphere of Ebay, buying doubles, and putting shit on ice, things are bound to change. I think the board above is one I wouldn't mind preserving.


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