January 22, 2009

Breath of Fresh Air

The latest episode of the Anthony Pappalardo series of "EPICLY LATER'D".

I really dig the whole vibe of this latest episode, although it was a logical and predictable one from its predecessors. Whether you skateboard or not, I think most people can relate to having the desire to do things without having to be so concerned about what other people think or out-doing the dude next to you (*who u may call a friend). But besides all the cliches (which I sure am a sucker for), I really resonated with the pangs of someone coming to terms with sh*t in their mid-20's ; maybe y'all will remember it too? Highest Recommendations.

It's wild to see the juxtaposition of characters/friends:
1) Rob: a ex-pro who chooses a different career for his kids, reminding us that we sometimes have to hustle for those things that matter.
2) Bill: the filmer, who kind of just watches everything and everyone and makes great observations..
3) Anthony: ....yea watch the video.