June 15, 2007

A Whole Year of being Straight Dirty.....

After you hear the phrase "Dirty 30" for a solid year, the buzz seems to spoil once you turn 31. Its like hitting 17 after the sweet sixteen, although those years are still too early to be considered some type of milestone of age. Year 18 or 21 is a big step(this of course is dependent on where you live I guess)....But 30 and every decade after seems more and more of a big deal. Like holy fuck dude you made it this far without cashing out! 31 has no cool catch phrase, just raised eyebrows from your younger counterparts. The older of your peers give a standing ovation for your induction to their club when you turn 30, but at 31 they give you more of a "Meh, at least we're not 40" kind of vibe. But I think what counts is that the initial phase of hitting 30 is a full year of figuring a lot of shit out, using all the experiences of your 20's to fine tune your plans and expectations for the rest of your 30's. You almost relearn to relax. See? 30 is the new 20 because its like a replenishment....just what you need after the seemingly dooming years of being 26 thru 29. Reaching the third decade, to some, spells uncertainty and midlife anguish, but these same years, to the motivated, are accepted and embraced as a big come-up, and yet another movement towards *some kind* of fullfillment. Special thanks to Jay-Z and also the kind Birthday Wishes from the $ Bitches With Money $. Also, stop by the renewed bar ERA on 28th and Poplar where I will be pondering even more, this mystical number thirty-one. Saturday night around 9:30ish. *posted by Jag*

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