June 26, 2007

Kickin like (Pinoy)Chicken

"We brought you these Nike Air Force Ones back in July. Here are some new images of these kicks inspired by the Philippines. Nike made these as a tribute to Jose Rizal, a national hero of the Philippines and also pride of the Malayan race. These exclusive Air Force Ones have a limited release, only 500 pairs dropped worldwide. Kix-files has some available for $245.00."

We went to our favorite Flea Market hidden in the Poconos in hopes of finding the occasional come-ups so often associated with that place. Its been maybe five years now, that me and my girl have been hitting that spot up, a market that feels like a Canal Street in Mississippi. Memorable finds over the years include a neon durag($2), a Herzog boxset($20), Lars Von Trier's Dancer in the Dark DVD($5), Marc Echo Gummy Wallabees($20), a Set of Mandolin Strings($2), and my favorite find at this place was in 2003 when i found a deck of cards that look like they are nude brittany spears playing cards, but when you pull the card you get zapped with a huge volt of electricity(to the point where i've lost a few friends because of this gag). But the list of finds goes on. This weekend I bought a motorcycle skully with some crucial flames on it($2). Some deals are not so sweet. For example, a soft pretzel that would cost 35 cents in Philly was selling for $2.50 at the market. Even though they put it on a grill and gave us the option of "suicide mustard" on it, the price and the 15 minute wait in line was so not worth it.

We did however, find a truck selling American Apparel T-shirts for $2, and another guy had a van full of Jordans, Dunks, and AF1's for dirt cheap. I copped a hot pair of Gray/Electric blue Jordans for $40, and these LE Filipino Dunks(see above) for $30, which were selling on ebay last year for a pretty penny. I'm not a sneaker collector or Gearhead for that matter but I like having new shoes at good deals. There were also a plethora of skateshoes from IPATH and OSIRIS, I got nice blue Osiris's for twenty. I dont have a clue on whether the nikes are real or not, but boy do they look sweet(although I'll admit I probably won't wear the dunks unless I'm watching a Pacman fight, they're kinda nice to look at but rather ugly on the feet). I will have to consult with nerdy sneaker buddies of mine on whether or not this "heat" is legit. A friend of mine is already advising me, without seeing them, that the general rule is "if they're too good to be true they're probably not real" but that nothing is too far from being the real thing. Hmmm....kinda sorta suspect? posted by Jag

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