June 15, 2007

Some Shots from Italy...part 2

View from the balcony of our hotel room in Milan. The spot was reeeally cute and close to everything....my only beef was that the info online said it would be 45 Euros a night which we thought was type dope so we stayed another night and when we checked out the bol said we owed 180....turns out that they charge per person so it was really 90 a night. An Italian thing? A Europe thing? Maybe a wack thing. Still not too expensive though for how nice it was, just caught me off guard. But what do I know I'm a babbling tourist.
Another shot of the Duomo Cathedral rooftop. Shit was like the Cathedral of Learning in Pittsburgh times a gazillionbub. Oh and in the Cathedral basement we saw 11th century bishop crowns and an ill corpse of Saint Borromeo.

RAWR......In keeping with the "Asiatic Lions of the Tropic Cult Asiatic Semi-Desert" infatuation.
Downtown Palermo hustle and bustle. With GPS tracking dictated by an authoritative Italian voice drilling a destra e a sinistra (turn right, turn left).....Didn't find out what all that shit meant till a day later.

Night falls in the city up North....While our friend 'American-Ass' Jen rapped to some random Ital who worked at a Bodega. The dude took her out for coffee then tried to take her to "Show her some T-shirts" that were down in a dark basement he had keys for. Must have been her newly inserted breast implants. She said "No, Grazie".

and......Lismania tunnel vision. I seriously couldn't count how many futuristic timewarp tunnels there were in Sicily. I also couldn't help but wonder how many Mafia victims lay buried in the concrete foundations of these tunnels! (Just relaying a joke the Sicilians there told me, I'm not stereotyping)

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