December 6, 2009

Eric Wagner

Wagner Bananarama from Jagwiremon on Vimeo.

I first met Eric Wagner back in 10th grade when he moved to Harvey's Lake. Hundreds of stories I got with this dude, like smashing cinderblocks through car windows on the Wyoming Ave cruise strip at 8pm, robbing a video store in Jersey and stealing "Bad Lieutenant", wearing shower caps all day at school (Lake Lehman H.S.), heelflipping the gates at tech(in '93!), the list goes on. Thought I'd share some quick footage I shot last weekend. He's been ripping frontside 360 ollies on his longboard off the triangle ledge at POPS, also treflipping Eurogaps here and there...all on longboard, shit looks like a helicopter. Here he rides a tiny plastic bananaboard that I was barely able to stand on. My first skateboard was actually a scamp....which was a green version of this board. Me and my sister each had our own. The bottom video is some longboard gnar. Also thanks for the Blockhead music hookup Carryout!

Eric Wagner 2008-2009 reedit from Eric Wagner on Vimeo.



careoutry said...

really creative and talented dude!

Anonymous said...

Psyched on Ray Barbee...