April 2, 2008

The nature of my job throughout the years has allowed me to work with many interesting people in the public spotlight, such as Governor Ed Rendell, musician Pattie LaBelle, and CEO of Microsoft Steven Ballmer to name a few. Last night for work I shot video for Kenneth Cole, and this gave me the opportunitiy to learn more about him and his brand. Aside from his role as a great American Fashion designer, he is also known for being very socially conscious towards many causes, from AIDS awareness/research, to homelessness. And did you know that he is an avid blogger? He has a good blog at that, and it is quite informative if you have time to stop by. awearnessblog.com -Jaguarman

The Awearness Blog provides daily updates under four socially-aware pillars of discussion: Social Rights, Well-Being, Political Landscape and Hard Times. This blog hopes to raise awareness around the issues that fall under these four areas in a dynamic and engaging format. In addition to regularly updated news and commentary under these topics, the blog also includes Q&As, original content from Kenneth Cole himself and contributions from staff members of Kenneth Cole Productions.

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