April 20, 2008

Cohiba Try Outs

I believed that since I am in Mexico, I should take advantage of their government's intelligence and try something my own government has placed a serious embargo on for too many years, Cohiba cigars. Cohiba's are made in Habana, Cuba. I know nothing about cigars except that Cohiba's are top quality. I don't smoke cigarettes but wanted to indulge in a little fancy.
I smoked pretty much the whole thing. A little too quickly I suppose I soon grew ill afterwards. I din't smoke nor do I know how to properly smoke a cigar. I am pretty sure you aren't supposed to inhale it and that I didn't do.
I didn't realy "taste" the cigar if that is what one is supposed to do or if it's supposed to happen.
I didn't know what i was doing but wanted to give it a try anyways.
I tried a Cohiba. I didn't make the team but took the field at least.

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Bryant said...

You can only taste a cohiba by inhaling. Yes, you can get a little bit i'll if you are not a smoker and you directly start from a cigar. But, believe me. I also smoke cohibas, you can not find a better cigar than cohibas