January 24, 2008

Keep it Family

This is me with my friends Akil and Mikey. The pup in the pic is Tungsten. Illustration by Danny Paracat at Paracat Creative. Original photo by Young Soc. The image makes an attempt to portray our grown-up side(I'm being facetious). Visit Akil's website Grizzlebees and his blog, no, seriously. Mikey has one too but it looks like it hasn't been updated in a month or two. i'll still give it a plug though, and you can make the visit to Fantasy Island. Tungsten doens't have a website or blog, but he likes to jump up and down with excitement whenever his owners, Amelia and Chris, are around. Im still waiting on a few odds and ends to complete the Jaguar Collection Artist Spotlight Series(see below) which will be a real nice treat. Consider this a commercial break! *posted by Jaguarman

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