January 18, 2008

The Jaguar Collection: Stewart Sineath

This weekend I will be taking pictures of much of the art I have collected from my friends. Pretty much the stuff that I have hanging up around my house. I will try to write a little tidbit about the person and how/where I acquired the work. These first two are from Stewart Sineath. These were picked up at the first art show I was ever in that wasn't graffiti related. The show was an art party/group show in North Carolina and it was hosted by my friends Todd and Meg.

These abstract paintings, using spraypaint, acrylic and ink on canvas, were really eye-catching, had great presentation, and the composition was all there. Since that show in 2003, I have encountered Stewart randomly in Philadelphia: this past year attending a Vox Populi exhibit, and through my girlfriend who said he came in randomly to her work buying pastries and breakfast. Looks like he's been running around a bit. For more on his work visit his section of the Team Lump webpage here. Additional upcoming artists for this series will be: Dan Zomack, John Slaby, Drew Leshko, Josh Anderson, Megan Brezinski, and more. posted by Jaguarman

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