November 19, 2007

Rescue Dawn: On DVD Tuesday

The title sure does sound like an ad, and it is sort of. Blogs are information tools and one of the my favorite posts of this blog concerns the man, Werner Herzog. I did not go see Rescue Dawn in the movie theater like I wanted to. I was on that whole, "Yes, I want to go see it," when it was in the movies but I just did not get around to doing it. (That seems to happen with most movies and me. I would not and did not let it happen with The Darjeeling Limited, however.) So last week I was saying to a friend, I want to see Rescue Dawn and then three days or so later, there's a television commercial telling me it's coming out Tuesday on DVD. And now I'm telling you. ---Dan


Jaguarman said...

whoa dan its funny too, just last night my friend nicole was over and we were watching a bootleg of american gangster....there was a vietnam scene in it, and i asked her, have you seen "Rescue Dawn" yet? She said no and I was like yeah maybe it'll be on DVD soon hopefully....and then you posted this haha.

Anonymous said...

What is the term for this sort of occurrence?


Jaguarman said...

I once heard of a phenomenon called "coincidence" haha