November 16, 2007

Raymond G. Perelman Building

Just thought I'd throw a reminder that the new Perelman addition to the Phila Art Museum is finally open and free to the public up until Christmas thanks to a donation from a kind altruist. Its located right across the street from the main museum. The place is really facinating and much more of a modern vibe than its sibling on the other side of the street. I think after the free period is up, it'll be something like $26 a head for admission, so hop to it! There's a Euro-inspired cafe inside and the exhibits being offered are really interesting. From the Philamuseum website: "Across from the Museum's main building and behind an exquisitely preserved Art Deco facade is the newly renovated and expanded Ruth and Raymond G. Perelman Building, the first phase of a major plan to dramatically enhance and modernize the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Visitors from all over the region, across the country, and abroad are at last able to experience the Museum's collections—some of which are being placed on view for the first time—in these extraordinary new gallery spaces, as well as enjoy state-of-the-art visitor amenities, study centers, and educational resources like never before."

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