January 24, 2010


About On The Home Front:
***Home front is the informal term commonly used to describe the civilian populace of a nation at war as an active support system of its military.***

On The Home Front features the lyrics of Speaks and Lee, two working class PG County, MD. natives with close ties to the Washington, DC hip-hop scene. On The Home Front also features DJ Scratch Master K, who accentuates the tracks with cuts that prove he's worthy of the name.

The sole guest appearance is from Bu Bu the Producer, a 15-year veteran of the Districts music scene. Bu Bu lends his vocals on P Dot G Dot, in addition to engineering and producing several tracks for the album in Asiatic Studio. The bulk of production for the album was handled by Speaks in Hazmatic Studios.


This is my friend Cory's rap group, which features Speaks and DJ SMK as well.


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