August 27, 2009 (*Stolen from KEO TC5's Blog)

The first cassette single I ever purchased was Groove Theory's "Tell Me". I never quite understood my affinity towards neo-soul, but I am always intrigued and somewhat proud of my appreciation towards a genre with good intentions and no street credibility. This video features quite the mash-up of Groove Theory with Art of Noise. Usually, I am not a fan of mashups, but this is almost a flawless match. Check it.

I stepped out of class today, and somebody was blasting this song out of his car. It was kind of comedic and inspirational. I basked in a euphoric moment of nostalgia, as I used to hear the original song by DJ KC (?) during the rave/dance days of early 2000's. Everyone get their mean head nod on, or their dagger on as Jaguarman can.

Have a good weekend