June 10, 2009

Once again here is another "8 Track" mix. This one is specifically tailored for sedentary lifestyles and can be applied to most personal environments, such as kitchens, autobahns, and futons. Apologies for the 30 seconds of dead silence at the end of the Large Professor song, as well as if you're allergic to House music. As they say, the difference between poison and elixir is the dosage. Enjoy!

Artist Roll Call: Mr. Fingers, Large Professor, Omar S, Busta Rhymes, Atmosfear, Joey Beats, Meaty Ogre, and Nite Jewel.

-Duane Reade the Selector


Jaguarman said...

awesome man, i gotta check out 8track.....

love the mixes

Carryout said...

Thanks dude.