April 28, 2009

Late Nights Early Mornings

So I've been pulling all-nighters for the past week and a half.
Today I end up passing out in a common area in between exams.
I get woken up by my classmate, while everyone else is already
starting on their practical exams. God bless a sweet lady in a
school full of vultures. Grad school ain't no joke!

Sometimes in the wee hours of the day, I end up vibing to the
damnest things, or should I say the paranormal. Who on earth
listens to Manu Chao? I wouldn't say normally, but I sure will
at 3:30 AM in a 24-Hour CVS buying Cheese Puffs and Red Bulls.
Especially if its just playing through the CVS system.

-Duane Readeism

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Anonymous said...

damn, good luck with the wrap-up. hit me up when life slows down.