December 9, 2008

More Than Meets Than Eye...

"Boxing makes you curvy," she said, striking a pose with a giggle. "I want to be a pretty girl who does pretty boxing...but in this sport, you do take some punches..."

*These pictures and quote are from a recent NY Times article on Hyunmi Choi, a Korean "champion" boxer. True North Korean refugee status live from South Korea. In that picture in the grocery store, she's wearing sunglasses to hide black eyes from a recent fight. Sometimes people amaze me. Illmatic yea.

**In between moments of real life, I like to check out a few blogs/sites for cues on modern culture and general inspiration. Some of them are:

1) Scott Hansen's blog ISO50: I like his take on graphics, photography, and other stuff, but really I dig his music put out under the alias "TYCHO". His homie Jakub blogs on that site as well, letting us know the skinny on some good new music as well.

2) Patrick O'Dell's mini documentary-series on skateboarding called "Epicly Later'd" on VBS.TV. The show is based around the perspective of a fan and maybe a friend. It allow geeks like myself in on the more personal aspects of skateboarding. As much as "lifestyle" makes me cringe, it has always been what attracted me to skateboarding in the first place. Check out the latest series on LAKAI, especially the retrospective on the Carroll brothers. I am also a fan of the John Cardiel series.

3) Last but not least, Reed Space owner and "self-made" man Jeff Staple's To Darrin Hudson,
is a nice little blog from a great person in my opinion. (*The boxer article is an indirect pull from his site.) I don't know him personally, but the guy has always been pretty positive from the get-go.

As a teenager back in the "" days, Staple caught my attention, because he was one of few Asian-Americans doing what I thought was out of the ordinary, along the likes of DJ Q-Bert, the Mountain Brothers, DUEL MCI, and Jeff Pang. In one magazine feature back in the day, he mentioned dropping out of pretty much every major university in NYC, which to me was kind of refreshing. Staple went on to help start a few major clothing companies, and eventually his own company/design firm/multifunctional machine. The funny thing is, he's been kind of killin' it for years, but I swear there was like a whole 10 year gap before he blew up with the whole Pigeon dunk craze. I loved the days of the Staple ads with just one picture and a cheezy yet truthful quote like "Happiness is not a destination, but a state of mind". In a way, these small ads, and his small tidbits of coverage, were a life-saver for outcast kids like me growing up in the suburbs. So Mr. Staple, thanks for the hope back in the day.


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Jaguarman said...

Ana "the Hurricane" Julaton was supposed to be the next big thing too, but she had a close loss her last time out. She's pretty, but not nearly as cute as Hyunmi, who looks like the sexy Faye Wong when she wears those sunglasses.