November 17, 2008


In the same vain of Jiffypop, cassette tapes, and freeze-dried ice cream, Polaroids offered some kind of American hope to the masses about a world of futurism. Unfortunately, they were phased out by some other competing format, but there still is room for revisionists and nostalg-eezys in 2008.

POLADROID is a free program used to give your digital photos a Polaroid-esque feel. Unfortunately, I can't even use it, since it is only offered for MAC users. I hope you enjoy it, as well as the photos I chose from the couple of ones I seen in the Poladroid Flickr group.

Although I probably won't go nuts and Poladroid every digital photo that I have, Polaroids still hold a special part of my nostalgia-drenched identity. As a pre-teen, I played around with the family's Polaroid camera from the early 80's, which was in the same essence of wearing my sister's hand-me downs (*God Forbid) and using an Apple IIe in 1998 in my household.

-Carryout the Last Child aka the Baby.

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