July 4, 2008

the new cell phone brief review time

So while I wait to head out for some family "fun" today, I'm going to write about my new toy. My two-year plan was just about up for Verizon and it was time for a new phone. I got the LG Dare, which became available online only last weekend. It's a completely touch screen phone. What I like about it is, is that it's compact and light. I keep my phone in my pockets so I don't want to be a lugger. There are a bunch of features that are fun to play with, but I'm sure I will tire of in a month or two. I can pop mp3s onto it so it can also be used as a muzac player. The sound is pretty good. Can also be plugged into the computer through its USB cord/charger, which is good for uploading pics, music, etc. The phone also has a 3.2 pixel camera (as well as video camera that still shots can be taken from) where you can edit pics right up in that sucker. You can crop, fix color, contrast - and other fancy techniques I am still trying to figure out - and even add these cheesy little images they have so that it is reminiscent of those Japanese sticker machines you go in with a pal. (Insert cheesey segway here) Speaking of Japan, the pic I have on the phone now is of the art of Sam Friedman, who I went to Japan with, along with a number of other fellows, a few years ago. He has a link on the right side of the board here in the links section, Take a few minutes and see what he's been up to. I trip out over his art, and am currently using on eof his pieces as my screensaver thing or whatever it's called on a cell phone. You may have already come across his work in the New York Times, Juxtapoz, an art gallery or some other publication, because dude pops up!


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