December 3, 2007


Alfred Stieglitz Icy Night, 1907

Stieglitz was an important photographer that helped solidify Photography as an art form in the late 19th to mid 20th century. There is an ongoing exhibit at the Perelman building highlighting some of his work. It's easy to relate to him in that it appeared he likes to take alot of pictures of the city and city life, as well as quiet photos from the countryside. He lived in New York City and retired to peaceful Lake George in Upstate New York. Georgia O'Keefe Summer Days 1936

Stieglitz was married to a famous painter many are familiar with by the name of Georgia O'Keefe.
Dorothy Norman, Luise Rainer, Woods Hole 1945

Once Georgia O'keefe got famous she spent much of her time living in New Mexico. While she was gone Stieglitz had an affair with, and took many photos of Dorothy Norman, a noted Poet, Writer, and Photographer. (The above photo isn't her, its a photo she took of her friend Luise Rainer). These are some things I learned at the Pereleman Building. *posted by Jaguarman


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