August 24, 2007


Im sure you've heard chatter on what the deal is.....this aint a joke!
Its not about a salary its all about reality! But yeah SEPTEMBER 15th is the set date....Time to get your WOODSTICKS back out (pause). We're all oldheads now and for the most part still keep in touch/see each other every now and then, but when was the last time we all skated together? This is for everyone considered crew from the glory days....NEPA Valley Crew '86 to '96....its how many of us met!

Pass the bulletin on, email anyone you think should be there, or call the same fools you called back in the day.

If you have any ideas where we can skate in the day hollar at me or anyone you know who will be participating. We're looking at OTC sidebar as a party spot at night(anyone is welcome), so aside from getting your ollies back it would be cool if you came equipped with any relevant photos, stories, random items etc. Golden points for any video footage from those times, as there may be a video projector at the party.
Don't front!! Don't be a poser! HAHA seriously don't worry if you haven't stepped on a board since '93 the point is to have a blast, become reaquainted, squash any old beefs, and to reminisce the days of high school, columbia hose, fighting cruisers and jocks, ducking cops(even though most of us still do) popping zits, eating at rodano's, meeting at 288 subs and the ramada, checking out firestone, big pants, small wheels, etc. Sosend email, spread the word, this is a good time to call up your old squad! See you there. Updates to follow! Hit me or Chris Pawloski up if you have questions! -Keith

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