April 24, 2007

HIGHFIVE! Gangster Rock n' Rap-Dance

If you like to sip beer and feel a lil' buzzed and nod your head to music, then consume more alcohol as the night goes by so that by 11 or 11:30 you are now acting a fool and dancing up a storm and not caring and seeing old friends and laughing and feeling great then this party is for you(even if you don't drink). OTC(OleTymeCharley's) has steadily become a solid place to enjoy your favorite drink and enjoy good music. DJ Randy AKA Randyskilz continues to hold down the Valley's DJ nightlife storm and invites Wyoming Valley ex-residents (now hailing from Philly, PA) Jugwiremon and his partner (the Graaaand Wizarrrd) DJ Stephen Parker for the debut of a Philly and North Cackalack-inspired event. The party was originally dubbed the un-official Stop Snitching/Probation-Release Dance Jam to kick off Summer '07, but whatever theme of music is presented, from Madonna and Daft Punk to Peedi Crack and E-40 the tunes are sure to make you pop-lock-and-drop...

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